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A NEW AND EASIER WAY TO TUNE YOUR DRUMS IS HERE!                 Here at Wac'd Drums we are taking a different approach to drum making! We are starting from the ground up with our Patent Pending Floating Lug System! Our products are all made by us in our state of the art manufacturing facility. Made in U.S.A. by American Workers that are very proud of our products.

We've set out to make ourselves stand out from everyone else and what is currently offered to the consumer and to other Drum Companies. We feel everyone can create a better drum using our products.

When you start out with our Wac'd lugs your starting out with a product that is designed to take full advantage of a full floating drum. Your shell no longer needs to have a bunch of holes drilled to support a multitude of hardware! A full resonant drum can now be had and with onesided tuning, the tone is easily had from the topside of the drum!

We will also be introducing our Bass Station , a unique product that eliminates spurs and the pedal no longer attaches to the hoop.

Our Research and Development Department has many innovative designs in prototype stages. All of our products are road tested by demanding Professional Drummers, so you can have full confidence they are effective and will not fail !

So stay with us as we get things into motion and start introducing the world to our products in the summer of 2011 !

Gary Wachowiak  C.E.O. / President

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